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Just a set of age ratings.

GA - Suitable for all ages. May contain light, bloodless, cartoonish violence. There may be language that goes beyond polite conversation. No sexual content or drug use, except for sexual innuendo and consumption of medicine. Kissing is always okay. Nudity is only limited to swimsuits, really! Underwear is in the grey area, unless it is on a man and it isn't detailed. Crude humor is okay, but keep it to a minimum. Compared to G.

PG7 - Anyone 7 and older could play. There might be slightly tougher violence, whether cartoonish or realistic, mild language (e.g. damn, crap, hell, retarded), brief nudity (e.g. revealing outfits, underwear), suggestive themes, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or medicine, and a a bit of blood. The humor is more crude than what is in an All-rated title. Passionate kisses is now acceptable. Compared to PG.

M12 - Moderate violence, gore, moderate language (e.g. shit, asshole, bitch, S.O.B., fuck [allowed once or twice], dickhead), moderate nudity (e.g. panty shots, bare breasts), sexual content or themes, use of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, or cannabis. Tongue kissing is acceptable. Because your offspring are getting more used to it, there will be discrimination portrayed. Compared to PG-13.
R15 -  Intense violence, strong language (e.g. cunt, more than 1 or 2 uses of fuck), hard nudity (e.g. lingerie, full nudity*), sexual content (e.g. heavy petting), use of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, cannabis, or hard drugs (e.g. heroin, cocaine). Compared to R.

X18 - Adults only. Usually it has to do with sexual content and full nudity*, but it can also be for intense violence. Compared to NC-17.

*Genitalia is censored with a mosaic

I never published an X18 game on this site because I'm still not 18 yet.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Do not sell my works.